Winter Break.. Forever

So school’s starting up again after a good few weeks of winter break. However, my winter break goes on still, with no back-to-school stress in sight. How is this you ask? And what could it possibly have to do with the Burlesque dancers here? Well…

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Be Positive

In photography, well film photography at least, all anyone ever talks about are the negatives. I think it’s time we talk more about the positives. Slide film, transparencies– Positive film, that is.

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I’m seriously hoping that the image here immediately clarifies what the above hashtag/title is actually referring to. Because apparently it was Polaroid Week, or “‘Roid’ Week,” as it was trending on social media– definitely not to be confused with what “roids” normally refer to.

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Fashion Week

Ok, so I guess I’m gonna kick off this blog with one of my most recent photo outings. While the City that Never Sleeps was hosting its annual fashion week

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